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It is with great excitement that I can say that Widow's Woods - A Southfog Mini Adventure is finally completed. Below are a backlog of changes that have been made over the past couple of weeks. Thanks to everyone who has played, especially those who gave feedback that allowed me to improve the game to what it is now. If anyone has further comments or suggestions, they are very welcome.


I have made a lot of changes to the game. Some small, and some big. There are too many to remember them all, but some key points are:

- voice balloons added for character dialogue

- more and better comments with interactions with objects

- different character design for main character (the original one was done in a hurry due to the short game-jam timeframe. I hope people don't mind the change. I much prefer it.)

- additional location and character

- experimental item combination to try out a feature for a longer game (not necessary for the completion of this short game, but can you find it anyway?)

- changed the name of this mini adventure. Originally called "Southfog - A mini Adventure" and then "Southfog - Alone in the Woods" and now, with the completed game I have finally decided upon "Widow's Woods - A Southfog Mini Adventure".


Added some quality of life improvements, such as:

 - longer text display, to avoid clicking past some text

- icons added to cursor to show current command

- added missing description from some items and objects

- added a Linux version of the game, but I have no way to confirm that the game runs. If any Linux users could give me feedback on whether the game runs for them or not, it would be really helpful.


The biggest change here, is the addition of an online browser playable version.

I have also fixed a couple of errors, and consider this version to be the final version, unless someone reports some bugs and I will fix them ASAP.

Also removed the ridiculous ESC quits game flaw.

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