First Update: A big change to the atmosphere

25/2/2019 The following changes made:

- added different and more music tracks that suit the mood

- a better looking inventory interface

- finally, different actions rather than just one all-purpose one. You can use, look or walk. This gives a lot of different comments on examining things or trying to use items together.

23/2/19 I just added updated game files. The update includes the following:

- audio (a beautiful music track by Dana Boule)

- faster character walking

- more interactive background environments

- additional character comments to assist with guiding to next objective

This is a major change to the atmosphere of the game, and adds a lot of polish. It's amazing what good music can do to a project.


I know there are still some little things to iron out. Typos at the very least. I will look at them over the next week. If anyone finds any issues, please let me know in the comments, and I will fix them up ASAP.


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Feb 22, 2019

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